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Commissioner Montalbano

A guided tour of the most beautiful, and charming places in the Province of Ragusa that can be seen in the fictional “Commissioner Montalbano” series produced by Rai TV.

The excursion begins in Sampieri, the first stop of the day in the name of Commissioner Montalbano. We will go to the beach to an area called “Pisciotto” where there is a former brick factory in which several scenes of Montalbano were filmed. The excursion continues with the visit to Punta Secca from S. Croce Camerina and on to the Donnafugata Castle where several scenes were shot. Continuing on to Ragusa Ibla and crossing over to the new part of the city of ragusa, we will see the Ponte Giovanni XXIII where you can admire Ragusa Ibla to the right, while on the left we will observe the F. Pennavaria Bridge called Ponte Nuovo where we find Via Roma, the center of the new part of the city. Further down, we find the Cappuccini Bridge or Ponte Vecchio. Going down to Ragusa Ibla, we will stop at the Giardini Iblei to start our walk to the cathedral. The first sight is Ristorante da “Calogero” where Commissioner Montalbano regularly enjoys his favorite Sicilian dishes. Next is Piazza Pola and the Circolo di Conversazione which finishes at the Piazza del Duomo. There are several locations used in Ragusa Ibla, which are found in almost every Montalbano film. Concluding, we return to Scicli to see the police station of Vigata: the town hall of Scicli. To note, several scenes were filmed in Scicli near Piazza Italia and at the church of San Bartolomeo.