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Ispica developed as a rural city in the southern part of Cava Ispica. Rebuilt after the earthquake of 1693 on the Calandra hill, the city houses monuments of remarkable artistic value linked to baroque, neoclassical and liberty architectural themes.

In the historic center of the city you will visit the basilica of S. Maria Maggiore, a national monument for the splendid baroque frescoes of O. Sozzi, the Sinatra Loggia, the impressive 18th century loggia, the church of SS. Annunziata, whose interior is full of neo-classical stuccoes of high artistic value, as well as Palazzo Bruno di Belmonte, designed by the noted Palermitan architect Ernesto Basile.

Cava Ispica is a rural valley that testifies of prehistoric times into the modern with its grotesque tombs, Christian catacombs, houses and churches in caves from the medieval times, all found in the naturalistic landscape of the Mediterranean.

On the north side of the Cava you will visit the catacombs of Larderia, the “Grotte Cadute”, the Hellenistic Gymnasium, the catacomb named “Camposanto”, the church of S. Maria and the church of S. Nicola.